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“We must protect our future” – the message from EL President Heinz Bierbaum

Covid-19 shows us we need a complete transformation of the economy: sustainable, just and in the hands of the people.
Working people have suffered the most from the pandemic, through inadequate health and safety provision, yet they have kept our society functioning, risking their lives, without adequate pay. The disastrous ideological mantra – that only the market could get us out of the economic crisis – has wreaked havoc since the crash of 2008.  Now it is time to smash class and gender divides present in our society.
The EL took on the task of proposing an alternative model for this Europe:
it’s time to break with the past, abandoning austerity and all the policies that obstruct and prevent a social Europe;
it’s time to go beyond the current model of European integration;
it’s time to expand and upgrade of our public healthcare systems, urgently;
it’s time to invest massively in public services and create a European Health Fund;
it’s time to transform Europe’s international role and base it on solidarity.